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Ever wonder how to become a Pilates Instructor in Dublin well now you can with this Pilates teaching course is available in Dublin and is an ITEC qualification in Pilates teaching.

It is a qualification that is recognised by employers and insurers in Ireland and around the globe. A fabulous opportunity to gain an international diploma in Pilates teaching with the original Pilates mat-work. ITEC qualifications have now become the gold standard in the fitness industry with formalised training meeting international standards.

  • A Pilates qualification recognised around the globe
  • Easy booking option of €200
  • Easy payment options – monthly
  • Delivered by expert and qualified trainers with many years experience
  • Excellent support throughout your training

For more detailed information see “Detailed Information Tab”

Cost: TBC

Dublin 12 (Old Naas Road D12) – Start Date: TBC

Entry Requirements: None, applicants do not need any prior fitness qualifications to enrol on this Pilates instructor course. (see further down for more details)

*** Depending on your personal circumstances (e.g. in receipt of social welfare benefits) you may be entitled to funding for this programme. You can contact your local funding agency/funding office or please call our office on 01 4089769 if you require more information***

Phone: 01-4089769 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) by credit card/visa debit card – No extra charges.

Online: Using PayPal at the top & bottom of this page.

Post: Waverley Academy, Waverley Business Park, Old Naas Road, Dublin 12 (cheques/postal orders/invoices made payable to Waverley Academy)

Please fill out our [Application Form] and mail to us or bring it on first day of course.

Note: Any payment queries to info@academy.ie

This course is mapped in to the Irish qualifications framework which is important if you are looking for funding for Pilates teaching qualifications. The qualification is recognised by all employers and is ideal for those starting a career in Pilates instruction or for those wanting to start their own Pilates business from community halls, leisure centres, fitness studios or with sports clubs.

A fabulous opportunity to gain an international diploma in Pilates teaching with the original Pilates mat-work. ITEC qualifications have now become the gold standard in the fitness industry with formalised training meeting international standards. Pilates is one of the most recognized fitness methods in the world, enabling qualified practitioners to pursue many career options or start their own business. At the Waverley Academy we provide quality training and tuition leading to awards that are recognised by employers and insurers. If you are going to spend time and money on becoming qualified make sure you do it right with a college that has credibility and a qualification that is recognised around the world.

Applicants should have exposure/participation to Pilates classes and be prepared to participate in Pilates classes at least once a week outside of course hours during the programme. It would also help if applicants had been exposed to Pilates classes before commencing the programme. In the event of any preexisting musculo-skeletal injuries in particular to the spinal/back area, applicants will need medical clearance from their GP.

Applicants should be fit and healthy or be prepared to work towards a fit, healthy and flexible condition throughout the programme.

What you get when you enrol with us

  • A Pilates qualification recognised around the globe
  • Opportunity to start studying before you start
  • Access to course notes 24/7
  • Top class Pilates tuition
  • Extra curricular teaching (Additional techniques above and beyond the ITEC recommended teachings)
  • Excellent support throughout your Pilates training

Why Should I Become A Pilates Instructor

Pilates is one of the most popular and fastest growing fitness methods in the world and thus offers many opportunities for teachers/instructors of Pilates to develop their careers and earning potential.

Becoming a Pilates teacher or instructor brings many rewards and benefits, and is a low cost, low risk opportunity to develop a career in the dynamic world of fitness. It can also be an extremely rewarding career as you help others achieve their fitness and wellness goals while also enhancing their quality of life. There are many career opportunities and pathways for Pilates teachers such as

  • Fitness Centres
  • Leisure clubs
  • Health Spas
  • Hotels
  • Cruise liners
  • Sports clubs
  • Athletic clubs
  • Start your own business
  • Freelance instructor
  • Community Centres

Exercise of Choice For Many

Pilates is entrenched in the mainstream exercise and sports world and is the exercise choice for sports persons, fitness enthusiasts, medical professionals, sports therapists, dancers, gymnasts, and a host of famous Hollywood celebrities. Its attractions are many, such as

  • Its suitable for all ages
  • Its low impact with virtually no stress on joints
  • Requires little equipment or outlay
  • Combines mind and body
  • Focuses on strength and length (as opposed to bulk)
  • Helps develop lean, toned and supple body
  • Helps enhance confidence and self esteem
  • Is recommended by many medical and sports injury practitioners
  • Can be practiced with minimal amount of space

These are some of the reasons that make it one of the most popular fitness methods in the world and thus offers many opportunities to you in becoming a Pilates teacher. And there are many more benefits, physical and mental, that you can refer to in leveraging your career as a Pilates instructor.

Used By A Broad Spectrum Of Society

Pilates seems to know no bounds and its applications are utilized by a broad spectrum of society and professionals such as

  • Exercise for general fitness and well-being
  • Sports and fitness enthusiasts and professionals in prevention of injury
  • Athletes and sports persons in maintenance of musculo-skeletal conditioning
  • Sports injury therapists and medical professionals in rehabilitation of certain musculo-skeletal conditions
  • Top level teams and sports stars to develop and maintain lean musculature
  • Celebrities and models for slim and toned bodies
  • Weight lose specialists as part of a weight lose program
  • Mental wellness to help reduce stress, anxiety and lift depression
  • Post natal management and core rebuilding

The uses and benefits of Pilates seem to be limitless thus offering a multitude of opportunities for qualified instructors with a valid teaching qualification.

Why Train With The Waverley Academy

Its Simple

We offer the best training available with international qualifications recognized by employers and insurers. Also, no other company in the industry comes close to providing the level of service which we do.

Pay By Installments

We also offer you the option (at no extra cost) to pay your fees by installments reducing the stress of having to pay large sums of money upfront.

Help With Funding

And, in the event of you applying for funding to local funding agencies (depending on your personal circumstances) our ITEC Pilates qualification is mapped into the national framework of qualifications (level 5 Ireland, level 3 UK). This is a very important factor for funding officers who may be grant aiding your training. In fact, it is highly unlikely you will receive funding unless the qualification you’re pursuing is mapped into the national framework of qualifications. We can also give you guidance with your funding application if you require as we have a very credible reputation with many of the local funding agencies.

Qualified Trainers & Teachers

All our trainers and teachers are qualified to teach and are equipped with modern day teaching methodologies that cater for the needs of adult learners.

Extra Curricular Teachings

In addition to the content set out in the ITEC syllabus we include extra curricular teachings enabling you to explore the options of adopting other popular fitness methods into your Pilates classes. Thus enhancing your career prospects and earning potential.

Some Other Reasons To Train With Us

  • Established Since 1995
  • Online support outside of class hours
  • Specialists in adult education
  • Friendly teachers and staff
  • Relaxed and enjoyable training environment
  • We go the extra mile

In summary, there is no better college in the country to complete your Pilates instructor qualification.

More on The Many Benefits of Pilates

  • Tone and build long, lean muscles without bulk.
  • Reduce stress, relieve tension, and boost energy through deep stretching.
  • Restore postural alignment.
  • Create a stronger, more flexible spine.
  • Increase joint range of motion.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Heighten neuromuscular coordination.
  • May offer relief from back pain and joint stress. Correct over-training of muscle groups which can lead to stress and injury.
  • Enhance mobility, agility and stamina.
  • Compliments sports training and develops functional fitness for daily life. Improve the way your body looks and feels.
  • Mind-Body Workout That Strengthens Your Whole Body
  • Injury prevention
  • Improves core strength

There is no better college in the country to complete your Pilates teacher training.

Overview Of ITEC Pilates Teaching Diploma

Having a valid qualification that is recognized by employer and insurers can not be stressed enough. Particularly as you try to progress your career and may need to lease with other professionals such as GP’s, physiotherapists, weight lose specialists, sports therapists, sports injury specialists and fitness professionals.

It is also important that your qualification enables you to acquire professional indemnity and public liability (insurance) as this will be important if you need to hire facilities or if any legal matters arise, and will also copper fasten your credibility as a professional teacher.

The qualification is recognized nationally and internationally and is mapped into the Irish national framework of qualifications at level 5 and the UK framework at level 3

The content of the program focuses on the original classical mat work exercises designed by its originator Joseph Pilates. These 34 original classical mat work exercises, also form the foundation for all other adaptations and methods used by Pilates professionals today, making this the perfect program to start your career in Pilates instruction.

At The Waverley Academy we go the extra mile and in order to enhance your career prospects, we have also included extra curricular teachings that will equip you with the knowledge to explore other fitness methods that can be incorporated into your Pilates routine. This will enable you to bring variety, extra fitness workouts, and enjoyment to your classes. These additions to your knowledge base will include introductions to:

  • Resistance Bands
  • Medicine/Swiss Balls
  • Pilates Ring/Circle

And other mainstream fitness equipment that can be incorporated into your Pilates classes.

The ITEC Diploma in Pilates teaching is based on the original 34 Pilates exercises as taught by J. Pilates including adaptations, progressions and variety to each of the exercises. It incorporates the 8 principles of Pilates which include:

  • Relaxation
  • Concentration
  • Alignment
  • Breathing
  • Centering
  • Co-ordination
  • Flowing Movements
  • Stamina

This comprehensive course in Pilates instruction also includes the topics of:

  • Principles of exercise, fitness and health
  • Supporting clients who participate in exercise and physical activity
  • Programming Pilates teaching sessions
  • Delivering Pilates classes
  • Health and safety in a fitness environment
  • Anatomy and physiology for exercise and health

And the extra circular topics of:

  • Resistance Bands
  • Medicine/Swiss Balls
  • Pilates Ring/Circle

And other mainstream fitness equipment that can be incorporated into your Pilates classes.

Pilates and Sports Stars / Celebrities

Pilates is one of the fast growing fitness exercises in the world and is the secret weapon of many celebrities and top sports personalities, Pilates has long been a fitness staple for celebrities/sports personalities who want that long, lean, flexible body. The workout itself is flexible – routines can be as short as 10 minutes – making Pilates exercises the perfect workout for celebs/sports personalities on the go, and its stress-relieving and toning benefits ensure that they always in top condition. The fitness system is championed by scores of A-listers and the list of celebrities and sports stars who practice Pilates is almost endless,

Some sports stars who practice Pilates include David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Martina Navratilova, the Brisbane Lions, the New Zealand All Blacks, members of the England Rugby and Cricket Squads.

Celebrities who practice Pilates include Michelle Obama, Halle Berry, Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox, Hilary Duff, Pippa Middleton, Jessica Biel, Paris Hilton, Charlize Theron, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman, Danny Glover, Liz Hurley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sting and Madonna and Kate Winslet – who recently slimmed down and attributed the weight loss to 20 minutes of the Pilates a day.Pilates complements other sports such as running, golf, gymnastics and cycling.

The History of Pilates

This fitness regimen has gained recognition because it may be done by anyone at any degree of fitness. “Health is not only wealth, but physical health is the first condition for completely happy life”, says J. H.Pilates. Pilates has become more popular in the last decade due to its’ popularity with celebrities, sports personalities and related newspaper publicity. However the technique has been around for more than 70 years. Pilates’ founding father always proclaimed, “In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you’ll have a whole new body.” The full name of Pilates is Joseph Hubertus Pilates. He was born In Germany in the year 1880. His father was a gymnast and mother was worked as a naturopath. He was grown as a ill health child. He was suffering from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. However he had a natural urge to become stronger.. On his way to developing this method he studied anatomy and developed himself as a body builder, wrestler, gymnast, boxer, skier and diver. Pilates began as a rehabilitation programme for wounded troops during the First World War.

After WW1, he returned to Germany where he worked for the Military Police in self-defence and physical training. He moved to New York in 1925 where he went on to establish his studio, his wife Clara worked with him. Here he evolved the Pilates method and invented Pilates exercise equipment as well as training students.

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I had big motivation for today. Generally very happy with my session. We were all well trained right. I expected some questions about why I pick up exercise, for what, what kind of muscles are we using. The examiner was really friendly and fair. Very good session. Thanks to Academy.

Iveta Dobrovolna (Pilates Instructor Course)


theresa mc guinn image

Very enjoyable course, great teacher and friendly environment. Great detailed instruction & patience. Good structure and time limit, not rushed.

Theresa Mc Guinn (Pilates Instructor Course)


brendan kearney image

Very good course, great balance of theory and practical. Instructor was very well prepared every week. Online notes a big help. I feel confident that I’ll be a good Pilates teacher now once graduated.

Brendan Kearney (Pilates Instructor Course)


denise burke image

Great course, detailed and well structured. Friendly environment and great trainer.


Denise Burke (Pilates Instructor Course)

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