• THE ART OF TEACHING The Confident Teacher

THE ART OF TEACHING – The Confident Teacher

One of the great benefits of confidence is that it helps you achieve things you never thought possible. For example, eighty percent of people I talk to who want to become teachers in the hair & beauty sectors, believe they don’t have the confidence to do so.

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So confidence is holding them back from from achieving something they would love to do. They possess everything else : the creativity, the passion, the knowledge, and the technical skills; but confidence is holding them back.

When teachers gain confidence its amazing the difference it can make as it shines through in their classes and teaching. Confident teachers are captivating, they radiate positivity, and this positivity is infectious and spreads throughout the classroom

The Benefits Of Confident Teaching For Students

Confident teaching results in many benefits for students. It provides a positive learning experience, it instills confidence in learners and their ability to learn, they are more likely to achieve their learning goals, they will be more relaxed and therefore the learning will become more enjoyable, Their self belief will be enhanced and they are more likely to engage and try new things

Confident teaching raises the boats for all, and leads to one of the most important factors in the teacher student relationship; respect. Yes, confident teaching helps the teacher gain respect from their students; and respect is crucial for teaching to be effective.

The Benefits For Teachers

When teachers are confident the teaching process becomes more enjoyable and thus alleviates the stresses that can be associated with teaching. Confident teaching is also more likely to lead to successful learning outcomes and raise the educational achievements of students. Scientists also tell us that a confident mindset also results in expansion of mental potential, in other words confident teachers also develop the ability to think more creatively and come up with innovative ways of teaching.

Confident Characteristics

Confident teachers display several characteristics, for example: they look like they are enjoying themselves, their posture is upright, their facial expressions radiate happiness, they move with attitude and their body language says ‘this is a person who knows what they are doing.’ They are not afraid to try new things and they are good at motivating and encouraging others to do the same.

They will be good at organizing and planning, and their delivery skills will also be top class. Confidence also enables them to be good communicators, to manage the classroom effortlessly, and to adapt their teachings when things don’t go to plan.

Is It Possible To Get Confident

Yes. I’ve spent many years studying confidence and its role in training and education; and theres no doubt about it, its possible to train for confidence. And once we show you how to acquire it, your career will soar.

In fact helping students become confident is so important that I included a section about confidence in the teaching book I wrote.

We have also designed a workshop titled ‘The Confidence Workshop” that shows you how to become confident for any aspect of your hair or beauty career, including teaching. Its an enjoyable and interactive 2 hour workshop that will transform and rejuvenate your career.

For details on teacher training courses and confidence workshops you can contact TWA on 01-4089769 or visit www.academy.ie