• Behind The Scenes – Week 8 of TY student Abby’s work experience from Colaiste Bride Clondalkin

“Logistics, Researching & Organising”

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Today when I first got in I grabbed a quick coffee and then I helped Joan bring in products from the stock room for mink eyelash courses happening soon. Then I just had to make up eight bags for the course.

Then, Joan showed me the different paperwork that is needed for makeup courses such as a data protection form, application forms, review sheets, workbooks and more. I had to add some of the paperwork needed into a folder for the trainer.

After that, I then had a bit more paperwork to do. I had to make sure there were enough sheets for a teacher training course happening soon and make up folders with all the necessary papers for the students.

Lastly, I just did a stock take of some of the eyelash products that can be sold, like the two different tweezers, mini scissors and jade stones!

I feel like from doing this paperwork I’ve become more organised as you have to make sure you have the right papers for different courses and the exact amount of each paper needed in the right folder.

I finished off talking to Derek about the beauty care workshop I have been organising with the Waverley academy for my school. There are a lot of logistics to be worked out as there are 90 TY students attending the workshop.

I have been leasing with my year head, teachers and the Waverley Academy to organise it. I have also been researching and conducting surveys with the students to find out the topics they want to discuss. It’s a bigger project than I thought but I am enjoying it!