• She came, she conquered…and won the hearts of us all. Read TY student Abby’s final blog from Colaiste Bride

She came, she conquered…and won the hearts of us all. Read TY student Abby’s final blog from Colaiste Bride

“I will always look to my superpowers when I am feeling down”

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As today is my last day of work experience I have been asked to write my blog about my time spent at The Waverley Academy.

From my very first day to my last, I always enjoyed going to work. I could never imagine myself working in an office when I was older, but I actually enjoyed being busy all the time.

While the Waverley Academy is a beauty college, I’ve never taken much of an interest in makeup. But after working there, I realised there is a lot more to makeup and beauty than just a bit of eyeshadow and lipstick. I had the chance to learn more about skincare, what different makeup products are used for and about all the different courses that happen here.

Not only did I learn more about beauty, but I also learned more about the mind. One thing I will never forget is that what we think can become a reality. If you’re constantly thinking you’re bad at school work, you’ll eventually believe this. But, if you think more positively and say to yourself I actually am good at this or even I can improve on this, you will! It’s important to be kind to your mind.

It’s also important to focus on what you are good at and not always think about your weaknesses. Some people call these strengths but I was introduced to them as ‘superpowers’ and when I started in Waverley myself and Derek talked about 4 superpowers which I had, but by the time I had finished my work experience I discovered I had 18. This made me feel good.

During my time here, I also had the chance to work on developing a few skills (superpowers), such as organizing, communicating, focusing and analyzing. I can safely say I feel a bit more prepared now for when it comes to me getting a job.

As it was my last day, I was giving gifts as a thank you for the work I had been doing. One of them was a lovely framed photo of my “superpowers” that I had gained over my time at the Waverley Academy. This is definitely something I will always look to whenever I am feeling down!

I am very thankful I had the opportunity to work here with such amazing people that made sure my time working here was well spent. I think it’s safe to say I will miss coming to The Waverley Academy every Wednesday.

Abby Donohue

TY Student

Colaiste Bride