• “Cancer wont stop me achieving my goals” – Meet Lynsey Bennett

The human spirit is a wonderful thing, particularly in adult education, where students overcome many challenges to achieve their educational goals. In fact, the spirit of our learners inspires our existence as a training company. But every now and again – someone stops you in your tracks.

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Lynsey Bennett is twenty eight.

In the past 4 years, she has made two attempts to become a teacher of beauty therapy…but an an unscrupulous training provider and a battle with cancer… has hampered her efforts.

We were incredibly privileged when she came to visit our college in January to discuss enrolling on our teaching course. Lynsey told us her cancer was under control and she was ready to move forward again.

So we were stunned when she arrived for her first day of training last Sunday with the news the cancer had returned. But Lynsey is not one to wallow – if you met her you’d understand – shes bright, beautiful, bubbly and always has a smile on her face. “I’m not letting this stop me” she told us – “I’m determined to get this teaching qualification”,.

And when someone like Lynsey Bennett utters them words, you know she means business. We are a 100% behind her and look forward to assisting her in every way possible to achieve her teaching goals.

Lynsey has asked us to share her story in the hope it will help others.

You can do the same and wish her good luck, by following the story of Lynsey Bennett and cancerwithgratitude on instagram

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