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Beauty Course – Full-Time Flexi

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ITEC – a world-class qualification with triple recognition of National, European & International standards.

Don’t miss this unique beauty course. It offers a multiple of beauty qualifications, business skills, and interpersonal skills, that will launch your career in the dynamic world of beauty.

Learn the skills of tanning, makeup, nails, skin care, lash extensions, waxing. And receive top quality lash & nail kits. Train at an award-winning college established over 25 years, with a proven track record of excellence in the world of Hair & Beauty

This beauty course also offers the flexibility of 2 days a week at college, combined with home study and practice; enabling you to train & study while also perusing other interests and employment.

Why Us

  • Small classes
  • Expert trainers
  • No academic requirements
  • Train in a supportive and welcoming environment
  • Access to online campus enabling you to access notes and videos anytime
  • International qualifications recognised by all insurers and employers
  • 2 days a week – giving you the time and flexibility to train & study while also pursuing other interests and employment

 The course will include

Beauty Skills

Beauty specialist Diploma, Nail Technology, Gel nails, Acrylic nails, Semi-permanent Eyelash extensions, Spray tanning, Makeup, Skincare, Manicure & Pedicure, Waxing, Holistic Massage Diploma.

Business Skills

Sales, management, leadership, customer service, building rapport, communication skills, presentation skills, starting a business.

Interpersonal skills

Topics include: Building confidence, self-esteem, self-belief, & strengths. Mindfulness – self-care – wellbeing – resilience – stress management & emotional intelligence

About Us

  • Established 25 years
  • 8,000 students trained
  • Almost 100% pass rates
  • Small classes
  • Expert trainers
  • Friendly and welcoming staff
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Voted Irelands NO 1 Hair & Beauty College
  • Qualifications recognised nationally and internationally

This course offers excellent value for money, 3 internationally recognised ITEC qualifications and also includes 3 of our most popular short courses as listed below.

  • ITEC Beauty Therapy
  • ITEC Holistic Massage
  • ITEC Nail Technology (includes Gel nail kit and lamp and Acrylic kit)
  • Mink Eyelash Extensions (includes kit)
  • Russian Eyelash Extensions (includes kit)
  • Spray Tanning
  • No 1 Award Winning Training Academy
  • ITEC qualifications
  • Pay by installments
  • Small deposits
  • Delivered by qualified trainers with years experience

ITEC Beauty Therapist Course

If you want value for money, expert tuition, an international qualification and access to the worlds leading online learning system then look no further and train with the number 1 award-winning college in Ireland for courses for beauty.

Course Content

We are synonymous with quality training and have become the most credible beauty college in the country outperforming all other private beauty colleges for the past four years. In fact, nobody comes close. Our students consistently achieve grades averaging 99.9%

  • Access course materials 24/7
  • Learn when it suits you
  • Improved exam results
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Combine theory with practice
  • Develop your confidence
  • Achieve things you never thought possible

Access to the most comprehensive online study materials in the world. Our online learning system is a world beater and enables you to study at times that suit, with access to videos, tutorials, quizzes and hundreds of sample exam questions. This system will make a huge difference to you becoming an expert beauty therapist and has contributed to many of our students receiving the top grades in the country. The part-time diploma combining course work with practical and home studies.

Skincare & Eye Treatments

  • Facial treatments
  • Cleansing,toning & moisturising
  • Eyebrow and lash tinting
  • Masks and facial massage


  • Correct use of cosmetics
  • Make-up application
  • Corrective make-up techniques
  • Make-up selection for special occasions

Manicure & Pedicure

  • Nail shaping and filing
  • Application of enamels and varnishes
  • Manicure & pedicure of nails
  • Specialised treatments to include hot oil
  • Paraffin wax
  • Hand masks
  • Exfoliation and thermal treatments


  • Use of hot wax and warm wax
  • Waxing of underarms
  • Bikini line
  • Lower leg
  • Upper leg
  • Lip & chin
  • Forearms
  • Eyebrows

Professional Conduct & Business Awareness

  • Professionalism as a therapist
  • Business awareness
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Different types of business
  • Health & safety
  • Legislation

ITEC Holistic Massage

Massage Course Dublin Syllabus

All diploma programmes are validated by ITEC enabling successful participants to obtain professional indemnity & insurance. This programme covers the fascinating subjects of anatomy and physiology introducing you to the inner workings of the human systems including the mechanics of the skeletal and muscular systems. It also covers the classical strokes of massage which in many texts are referred to as ‘The Swedish Strokes of Massage’. You will also learn how the term ‘Holistic’ can apply to massage and how to adapt a range of treatments for common conditions.

Brief Overview of Course Content

The following is a brief overview of the course content which includes four main elements of massage practical, anatomy & physiology, professional conduct & business awareness, and massage theory.

• Anatomy & Physiology – Cells & Tissues, Skin, Skeleton, Muscles, Circulatory system, Lymph, Nerves, Digestion, Reproduction, Urinary & Endocrine systems.

• Professional Conduct / Business Awareness – Professionalism, Ethics, Health & Safety Legislation, Hygiene, First Aid, Running a Business, Marketing & Promotion.

• Massage Theory – History of Massage, Techniques, Effects & Benefits, Consultation & Treatment, Common Conditions, Other Therapies.

• Massage Practical – Towel Draping, Full Body Massage Sequence, Client Care, After Care Advice, Adaptation of Treatments, Posture & Balance.

The Holistic Massage programme is designed for beginners and is probably the most popular course on our massage programme. The syllabus equips students with a thorough knowledge of the human body and massage strokes while also educating them in professionalism, health and safety legislation and business skills.

The skills and knowledge acquired during this programme provide an excellent opportunity for a second income or pursuit of similar studies in the complimentary field. We provide a comprehensive range of teaching aids and study materials to facilitate the learner with no prior experience. We like to promote a relaxed and enjoyable training environment, which also aids the learning process.

Help is always at hand with tutor support available throughout the week. Most programmes have a modular design, which enables the learner to follow a structured programme of learning which aids beginners.

ITEC Nail technology

Take your nail career to international heights with the ITEC nail technology diploma. One of the gold standards in nail qualifications delivered in Irelands No. 1 Academy.

This nail course will help you develop the multiple skills needed to become a top-class nail technician with an international nail qualification.

Course Overview

This is one of the most sought after nail qualifications around and includes

  • Gel nails
  • Acrylic nails
  • Fiberglass
  • Nail technology
  • Clipping
  • Filing
  • Buffing

Provides many career opportunities and the security of having a gold standard nail qualification behind you.

Recognised by employers, insurers, and distributors. Provides many opportunities in the nail industry such as nail bars, high street stores, working from home, starting your own business or freelance nail technician.

Nail Technology

  • Gel nails
  • Acrylic nails
  • Tips/foils
  • Application
  • Rebalancing
  • Removal
  • Client care
  • Home care advice

Professional Conduct & Business Awareness

  • Professionalism as a therapist
  • Business awareness
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Different types of business
  • Health & safety
  • Legislation

Mink Eyelash Extensions Course Content

The ultimate in semi permanent extensions course

• Earn 100’s of euros after training*

• Train with the world renowned Mink* lashes

• Worn by top celebrities such as J Lo, Madonna and Kim Kardashian

• Programme delivered by Experts

• Training kit includes Mink Lashes

• No prior skills or knowledge required

• Learn & earn

• NEW this course now qualifies for AIT Insurance

This is the ideal programme for those looking to start a career in the Beauty industry or for therapists already working in the industry offering a quick way to enhance your skills and increase revenue streams. Semi-permanent lashes require minimal outlay and equipment and provide an excellent return. They are also ideal for mobile therapists, requiring the minimum amount of fuss and storage space.

Wearing of semi-permanent eyelash extensions has become hugely popular among females, with a growth in demand for qualified persons to apply them, as they are virtually impossible to apply by yourself. No prior skills are required for this workshop, just a passion for transforming the eyes of others.

The Waverley Academy is renowned for their expertise in delivering quality programmes and workshops. We are the largest provider of private beautician education in the country with state of the art training facilities and customer service which is unsurpassed in the industry.

All of our trainers have comprehensive industry experience, and most importantly, have industry standard teaching qualifications.

What you get

eyelash-kit . image eyelash-extensions-workbook-cover image

Russian Eyelash Extensions Course Overview

russian volume lashes course image

• Delivered by qualified trainers with years experience

• This course now qualifies for AIT Insurance

Russian Effects (XD) Volume Eyelash Extensions are the next big thing in eyelash volume and will take your earning potential to another level. Learn how to create volume and luscious lashes like never before. This layering approach to building lashes into 3D up to 6D effect is the ultimate lash technician artistry.

Russian Eyelash Extensions Course Course Content

This Russian Eyelash Extensions Course will take your skills and earning potential as a lash technician to a new level. The end result for your clients will be stunning eyelashes that display volume and a feather type effect not possible with any other technique.

Why do you call them XD Lashes?

Different companies/salons have called similar techniques by different names; 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, even 7D, and 8D has been seen recently. So to save all the confusion, we call these new lashes XD, because the actual number of lashes used varies from lash to lash. The ‘x’standing for the numbers, or multiple.

What are the Benefits of XD Lash Extensions?

The main benefit of xD Lashes is natural-looking volume and lots of it. These lashes make a huge difference to clients with naturally sparse lashes. One-on-One application on ladies with sparse lashes can end up looking ‘spidery’ and unnatural. Lengthening already thin lashes can accentuate the distance between them and make the lashes seem even further apart. The majority of clients are looking for a boost in volume as well as the length and the xD treatment does this like no other procedure. Another welcome advantage of Russian Volume Lashes is lightness and strength. Thinner lashes flex more easily and place less strain on the natural lash and glue bond, using less weight on the lash making them feel lighter and more comfortable.

If you are attaching so many lash extensions, doesn’t it harm the natural lashes?

No. There is a mathematical equation to prove that this technique puts no more and in some cases less, strain on the natural eyelash. By calculating relative lash weights and bond area for eyelash extensions of the same length and curl profile it became clear that this technique is actually lighter and stronger than one-on-one extensions.

How long does it take to do a set of xD Eyelash Extensions?

A full set is going to take anywhere between 2 and 4 hours. Most of the time it will be 3 hours but this will vary from person to person. If the client’s eyes are quite big, or small, if that person has very fine or very thick lashes, it’s going to make a difference.

Why are the xD Lashes more expensive?

Well firstly, it’s so worth it. The lashes are the finest, highest quality faux Mink on the market. The treatment takes longer than a regular set of individual lash extensions. Because multiple lashes are used on each natural lash, using up to 10 times the amount of stock that would normally use on a regular set.

Spray Tanning course

Course Content

Spray Tanning provides your clients with excellent value for money and can provide therapists with a steady income stream. It has become extremely popular as clients see it as a safe and easy option to an all year round tan.

It is a skill that can easily be learned as long as you are properly trained. Proper training should combine practical skills with relevant theoretical knowledge. This training should be delivered over a minimum of 5 hours as anything less may leave you short on essential knowledge or skills.

Preparation before attending the course:

  • Exfoliate your skin the day before
  • Stop using other self-tanning products 1 week before
  • Remove any unwanted hair at least 24 hours before
  • On the day do not wear makeup, deodorant, perfume or body oils/lotions
  • You should wear nail polish (any type will do) in order to protect your nails against discolouration from the tanning product

What to bring/wear:

  • Loose dark clothing (old or dark underwear /old bikini /old shorts) whichever you feel most comfortable in
  • Sandals or flip-flops
  • Pen & paper
  • Course Notes
  • Large dark towel

This spray tanning course will focus on the practical elements of spray tanning with a discussion on industry trends, methods, and techniques of sunless tanning, health & safety, common mistakes and how to fix them. Participants will receive a certificate from Waverley Academy. Places are limited for this course.


All equipment and products required for this spray tanning will be supplied by the college. If you wish to purchase products or equipment, information will be available on the day.



Waverley Business Park, Old Naas Road, Dublin 12

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2 Days per week

Date: September 2019

Time: TBC 2019 (approx)


We have payment methods to suit every budget (payment plans gladly facilitated via direct debit or card)

SPECIAL OFFER NOW ONLY €3,850 – €350 deposit to secure your place – plus €500 on first day of the course & balance payable one month later or by instalments (you can also ring us to discuss any other reasonable payment options) Plus €480 Exams Fees (optional). Additional costs products, book & tunic.

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How To Enrol: To enrol online please use the “enrol” button below. Or you can:

  • Phone: 01-4089769 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) by credit card/visa debit card – No extra charges.
  • Post: Waverley Academy, Waverley Business Park, Old Naas Road, Dublin 12 (cheques/postal orders/invoices made payable to Waverley Academy)
  • Note: Any payment queries to info@academy.ie
  • Note: Deposits are non refundable and non transferable to other courses (except if programme does not commence)