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ITEC Teacher Training Certificate Course

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ITEC – a world-class qualification with triple recognition of National, European & International standards.

If you aim to improve in 2018 and are upskilling and have a passion for teaching then this ITEC Teacher Training Certificate Course with the Waverley Academy – Ireland’ s Number 1 Award Winning Training Academy is for you. A professional teaching qualification for hairdressing, beauty therapy, makeup, complementary therapy & fitness professionals. This ITEC teaching qualification is recognised worldwide and will take your career to the next level. This ITEC teaching qualification is mapped into the UK qualifications framework with the title of “Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training” and is mapped into the Irish framework at Level 6. It is also recognised internationally and will enable you to combine work with travel. *It is recommended you check with awards providers what their requirements are if you are thinking of opening a college*.

Here are 7 reasons why people choose to train with us:

  • Peace of mind
  • Quality
  • 22+ years Training ITEC teachers
  • Voted Irelands number 1 training academy
  • Student reviews
  • Reputation
  • Authors’ of best selling teaching book (recommended by ITEC)

Course Content

About The Units

The following are the units which you are required to complete in order to receive the ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Education & Training. The units will be covered through a combination of class work, discussion, collaboration, facilitation, group work, and home study and research. Our book is also designed specifically to help you complete the units.

The Units which are covered on the Programme

• Unit 3001 – Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training Assessments

• Unit 3020 – Planning to Meet the Needs of Learners in Education and Training

• Unit 3021 – Delivering Education and Training

• Unit 3022 – Assessing Learners in Education and Training

• Unit 3023 – Using Resources for Education and Training

• Unit 3030 – Evaluating Learning Programmes

• Unit 3031 – Identify the Learning Needs of Organisations

• Unit 3041 – Understanding and Managing Behaviours in a Learning Environment

(Unit numbers to the left are used by ITEC as an identification method for individual units)

The programme will include additional topics such as:

Developing confidence for teaching

  • Motivational theory

• Evaluation technique

• Effective communication

• Effective teaching methods

• How adults learn

• How adults memorise information

• How adults recall information

• Curriculum development

• Presentation skills

• Methods of assessment

• Demonstration skills

10 steps to great teaching

More Information

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? This ITEC teacher training course is ideal for hairdressers, beauticians, fitness instructors, and complementary therapists and will help take your career to the next level. This ITEC teaching qualification is also recognised internationally and will enable you to combine work with travel.

You might ask yourself the question, “is this for me”? or maybe your a little unsure as to whether you would have the ability or confidence to complete a programme of this nature. Well let me reassure you: I have 100% confidence in your ability because we have been helping thousands of students, just like you, to achieve their educational goals. In fact, you already possess 4 of the key skills required to become a great teacher. Our job is to help you advance them skills, and equip you with the others that are required

Our programme is the most comprehensive course of its nature in the country with cutting-edge teaching methods and delivery mechanisms. Learners will also have access to The Waverley Academies unique learner support system which combines email support during office hours 5 days per week and online learning materials available 24/7.

New to this programme – Learn before you start. As soon as you enroll we will send you learning materials to start you on your teaching journey and get you primed for your first class.

Our best selling teaching book, which is also recommended by ITEC, is free when you enroll on the ITEC teacher training certificate programme.

The following is a brief overview of the book  titled “A Guide To Teaching for Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy Or fitness – 10 Key Steps”


Teaching provides a fascinating prospect for those qualified in beauty therapy, hairdressing, and fitness. It presents the opportunity to share your passion and provides many career options. However, standards for teaching have changed in recent years, and the challenges for those wanting to teach are now twofold: how do I teach to professional standards, and how do I deliver effective training? This book is designed to help you with both. It’ s written with one aim; to simplify the process of learning to teach. It is ideal for those starting their teaching career, and those already teaching who want to update their skills and knowledge.

In this book you will learn how to:

• Develop your confidence for teaching

• Plan your learning

• Motivate learners

• Design dynamic class plans

• Understand how adults learn

• Manage your learners

• Assess learning

• Evaluate teaching methods

• Support your students

• Develop great presentation skills

About The 10 Steps

The 10 steps will fast-track your learning by providing key information for education and training qualifications in the UK and Ireland*.

1 – Know your own mind will explore your motivations for wanting to teach while helping you to develop a teaching philosophy. It will explore one of the most important topics for teaching; that of confidence. It will also help to develop your confidence for teaching and provide the foundations for an effective and rewarding teaching career.

2 – Understand how adults learn will introduce you to the fascinating subject of educational psychology and the mindsets of adult learners. It will enable you to understand the fundamentals of how adults learn and the key principles of adult learning. It will also highlight the characteristics of adult learners and provide some pointers for planning and delivering your learning.

3 – Get to know your learners will enable you to understand the needs of a diverse range of learners and introduce you to the topic of initial and diagnostic assessment. It will
highlight the characteristics of adult learners and will help direct your teaching efforts on many fronts.

4 – Support your learners is guaranteed to gain you respect and credibility among students. It will highlight the challenges faced by those with learning difficulties, in particular, dyslexia, and enable you to deliver education that caters for them. It will also provide you with the knowledge to equip your learners with study skills and thus enhance their chances of achieving their educational goals.

5 – Employ best teaching practice will help ensure that your teaching is guided by best practice for modern day adult education. It will discuss the key attributes of effective teachers and trainers and how they contribute towards teaching excellence. It will also highlight many other aspects of best practice for teaching to professional standards in the UK and Ireland.

6 – Plan your teaching will outline many of the key terms and methods to plan and organise your teaching. It will discuss curriculum development, schemes of work, class plans and how to start a class with a new group. It will also outline many of the aids and resources used in modern day teaching including digital and online options.

7 – Deliver the learning will focus on what is probably the main aspect of the teaching and training process; that of classroom interaction with your learners. It will revisit the topic of confidence and explore your teaching and training style. It will discuss the topics of motivation and building rapport with your students, and will also bring together many of the steps discussed throughout this book.

8 – Manage the behaviours will provide a number of strategies to help with the smooth running of your learning environment. It will also provide you with guidelines for avoiding disruptive behaviours and strategies for dealing with them if they occur. The main objective of this chapter though is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to provide a positive learning environment with minimal disruptions.

9 – Assess the learning will take your teaching role to another level and introduce you the field of assessing learning. It will highlight the many aspects associated with the planning, preparation and conducting of assessments. You will also learn how to provide feedback to your learners enabling them to work towards continuous development and improvement.

10 – Evaluate your teaching is essential for your development. It will provide you with the knowledge to evaluate your teaching methods and make improvements where necessary. It will also help improve the learning experience for your students and will contribute to your continuous professional development.

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You can buy the book click here


Opportunities for qualified teachers can be many for example: You can get employment or start your own classes in ETBs (the personal development and hobby type courses), private colleges, community education, Solas (formerly FAS), conduct workshops from local salon/s, start short courses from local community facilities or sports facilities or approach local community groups e.g. women’s groups, youth reach, men’s groups. Other opportunities include:

Trainers and sales reps

Another route which you may not have thought about, but a lot of our past graduates have done, is to apply for positions as trainers and sales reps with skincare brands, makeup brands, distributors and equipment suppliers. Or maybe you could apply for senior positions in high-end stores supervising makeup and skincare counters.

In-house trainers

Graduates also work as in-house trainers for salons, spas, hotels skincare & makeup brands, local pharmacies or pharmacy chains such as Boots, Sam Mcauleys, Hickey’ s & Lloyds I have no doubt that if you pursue any of the career options mentioned above, your chances of succeeding will be far better than those who don’ t have a teaching qualification.

Personal development

Feeling good about yourself is one of the most important things in life, and you will be amazed at how your confidence and self-belief develops from doing this programme. It will inspire you to things you never thought possible. Many of our graduates say it’ s the best thing they have ever done. Because from day one we’ ve asked our students what they want from this programme and many say they want to become more confident. So we don’ t just focus on producing great teachers; we also focus on producing great people – its probably the reason why over 6,000 students have chosen to train with us.

ITEC Teacher Training Certificate Course Entry Requirements

Good understanding of the English language. ITEC qualification or equivalent e.g. CIBTAC, CIDESCO, NCEF, City & Guilds in, Hair, Beauty, Fitness or Complementary Therapies. Also, for Hairdressers, if you have no “formal” hairdressing qualifications, e.g ITEC or City & Guilds but want to enroll on the ITEC teacher training programme, please contact us on 01 – 4089769 as we may be able to get you exemptions from ITEC. (If you require any clarification on entry requirements please contact us at 01 – 4089769.)

The aim of The Waverley Academy teacher training programme is to set you on the road to becoming an excellent facilitator of learning in the Further Education sector.

How do we hope to achieve this
We hope to achieve this by providing you with skills and knowledge above and beyond the requirements of the ITEC syllabi. This will include hints, tips, information and practical examples from our 20 years experience of teaching and training in the further education sector.

*Students who have completed ITEC qualifications have gone on to open their own colleges. In light of recent changes in the industry e.g. VTCT buy out of ITEC, it is recommended you check with awards providers what their requirements are if you are thinking of opening a college.


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“Thanks to everyone on your team. Really enjoyed my course” Arthur Rainbow (January 2018)



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“Really enjoyed the course. Really feel a lot more confident about getting out in the education world. Would highly recommend Waverley” Donna Heslin


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“I found the college to be very professionally run. The staff including administrators & teachers. It is an excellent training course, delivered with the highest skills & knowledge. I found it very empowering on a personal level” Anne Cox


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Choose from the following locations

Waverley Academy, Swords Road, Dublin 9

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6 Mondays – No Class in July

Dates: Starts Monday 25th March + Monday 29th April + Monday 27th May + Monday 24th June + Monday 26th August & Monday 16th September 2019

Time: 10am to 4.30pm

Finishes: September 2019 (approx)

Waverley Business Park, Old Naas Road, Dublin 12

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5 Sundays + 1 Monday – No Class in May &  July

Dates: Starts Sunday 31st March + Monday 1st April + Sunday 16th June + Sunday 11th August + Sunday 8th & Sunday 22nd September 2019

Time: 10am to 4.30pm

Finishes: September 2019 (approx)


We have payment methods to suit every budget

Normally €3,000  SPECIAL OFFER NOW €1,975 – €200 deposit to secure your place plus €400 before first class and the balance paid in instalments. Plus €160 ITEC Fee. Past students €100 discount.

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How To Enrol: To enrol online please use the “enrol” button below. Or you can:

  • Phone: 01-4089769 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) by credit card/visa debit card – No extra charges.
  • Post: Waverley Academy, Waverley Business Park, Old Naas Road, Dublin 12 (cheques/postal orders/invoices made payable to Waverley Academy)
  • Note: Any payment queries to info@academy.ie
  • Note: Deposits are non refundable and non transferable to other courses (except if programme does not commence)