• ITEC Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor Course
  • Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor Course

Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor Course

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ITEC – a world class qualification with triple recognition of National, European & International standards.

This Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor Course ITEC are of the gold standards in the Irish fitness industry and are also recognised around the globe.

ITEC personal training courses qualifications have been recognised in Ireland for more than forty years, and unlike other ‘qualifications’ which have appeared in recent years, they offer you the guarantee of recognition by employers and insurers in Ireland and around the world.

• The ITEC Fitness Instructor Certificate (gym based exercise)

• The ITEC Personal Trainer Certificate

Includes these 4 FREE workshops:

• Studio spin

• Suspension training

• Kettlebells

• Boxfit

Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor Course Content

Our ITEC Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor Course qualifications are one of the gold standards in the Irish fitness industry and are also recognised around the globe. ITEC qualifications have been recognised in Ireland for more than forty years, and unlike other ‘qualifications’ which have appeared in recent years, they offer you the guarantee of recognition by employers and insurers in Ireland and around the world. This is vitally important if you want to seek employment, work as a freelance fitness professional, start your own fitness business, travel or seek funding. ITEC also provide a range of other courses to help you progress your fitness career such as Sports Massage, Sports Nutrition and Pilates. We are one of the best established ITEC colleges in the country, delivering their qualifications for almost twenty years now. (see bottom of page for more about ITEC)

The Waverley Academy celebrated 20 years in the training industry in 2015. We have become renowned for the quality of training we deliver and are one of the most trusted providers of training in the country. Our pass rates average 99% year on year and we provide the best student support in the industry with a state of the art online learning facility. We are regulated and quality assured by government and international authorities. We provide you with a level of security and assurance that not many other private colleges can provide. Here are some more facts that will help you trust us

• In 2015 we celebrated 20 years as a training provider

• We’ve trained more than 6,000 students to date ( 17 different nationalities)

• Developed the industries first online training facility

• Conducted more than 16,000 exams

• Awarded more than 4000 diplomas & certificates to successful students

• Delivered more than 24,000 class hours

• Achieved pass rates of 99% year on year

• Delivered the worlds first ITEC teacher training programme

• Acquired national & International quality assurance standards

• Received validation from global insurance company AIT

Programme content for Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor Course:

• Gym instruction theory and practical

• Motivational techniques for achieving health and fitness goals

• Anatomy & Physiology for fitness instructors (includes level 2 and level 3)

• Professional conduct for fitness instructors

• Personal trainer theory and practical

• Delivering personal training sessions

• Programming personal training with clients

• Anatomy & Physiology for exercise and health

• Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme

• Support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity

• Principles of exercise, fitness and health

• Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment

• Develop a variety of fitness programmes for individuals, clubs or teams

• Understand the effects and benefits of exercise on the human body and muscular system

• Understand and demonstrate the benefits and effects of a variety of gym and fitness equipment

• Understand the fundamentals of human movement and structure

• Understand the fitness and exercise demands of a variety of sports

• Develop exercise and fitness programmes for a multitude of sports and physical activities

• Develop exercise programmes to assist sports persons in recovering from injury

• Understand the nutritional needs of sports and fitness enthusiasts


Career and Business Opportunities

Fitness and health has been one of the biggest growth industries around the globe and in Ireland over the past 10 years, creating a multitude of career and business opportunities for qualified Fitness instructors and Personal Trainers. Personal Training is one of the industries that has thrived throughout the recession. These opportunities include:

• Freelance fitness instructor

• Employment in the leisure/fitness industry

• Employment in local sports/fitness clubs

• Employment on cruise ships*

• Personal trainer

• Starting a small business in the sports/fitness industry (see bottom of this article for examples)

• Working with high performance athletes

• Devising programmes for recreational groups or clubs

• Devising health related programmes for individuals or clubs

• Devising fitness related programmes for individuals, teams or clubs

• Devising occupational or work-based health related programmes

*See the World and advance your career – Waverley Academy have formed a partnership with Steiner Leisure and One World Spa, the worlds largest recruitment and training agencies for cruise liners. All successful graduates of our personal training courses are guaranteed an interview for employment on the cruise ships with excellent opportunities to advance your career and see the world at the same time.

Career Progression

Fitness instructor qualifications also enable graduates to pursue many other career pathways in the fitness, sports and leisure industry, including:

• Sports & leisure management

• Sports science

• Physical therapy

• Sports massage therapy

• Physiotherapy

• Coaching

• Sports development officer

• Starting a small business

Gyms and Leisure Centre’s

Gyms and leisure centre’s with a focus on the needs of its customers continue to strive. There are many opportunities for personal trainers and fitness instructors within these facilities in particular those with:

• Enthusiasm

• Commitment

• Rapport building skills

• Good communication skills

Gyms and leisure centre’s provide the perfect environment for personal trainers to hone their skills, develop confidence and competence and build a client base.

Fitness Trends in Ireland

Fitness trends in Ireland have been extremely favourable for those pursuing careers in the fitness, health and leisure industry with more people than ever been aware of the many health benefits associated with physical activity. The following is a brief overview of some of the trends.

General Trends

The Irish population have become significantly more health conscious over the past ten years. Fitness trends have continued to rise with many more taking part in sports and increasing their physical activity habits. What has also become more evident in the last number of years is that physical activity now traverses all age groups with a significant rise in the numbers of older people taking part in physical activities. This segment of the market, in itself, is a niche market which is defined in the fitness industry as a specialist population. The numbers of senior citizens partaking in activities will continue to rise as Ireland becomes an ageing population and older people look to gain the many health benefits associated with exercise and physical activity. This specialist group, should at some point, become a focus for any personal trainer or fitness instructor.

Sports Specific Trends

There has also been steady growth in the numbers taking part in team and individual sports with particular growth in Swimming, Soccer, GAA, Athletics and Triathlons. These areas also provide great opportunities for personal trainers and fitness instructors as the sports person becomes increasingly aware of a science based approach to fitness for delivering better results.

Health Related Fitness Trends

The fitness instructor or personal trainer can really come into their own with individualised fitness and health related training programmes. It enables them to implement all their skills and knowledge in a focused way and can lead to tremendous job satisfaction and self satisfaction.

Individuals are also becoming more aware of the many benefits of personalised training programmes for achieving their fitness goals. These goals can range from: Recreational e.g. walking or Health e.g. losing weight – or Competition e.g. winning trophies or achieving personal bests or Gym based e.g. – achieving fitness programme goals. All in all, the rise in the numbers partaking in some form of exercise, sport and physical activity has created many career and business opportunities for fitness instructors and personal trainers with the future looking very bright for those with recognised qualifications, enthusiasm, passion and good communication skills.

Personal benefits for those who complete personal trainer courses
And of course there are many personal benefits that a career in fitness can bring, such as:

• Learning about your own body and the benefits of exercise

• Learning how to devise your own exercise routines

• How to maximise the use of fitness equipment

• The many feel good benefits that exercise can bring

• Expanding your skill base and career opportunities

ITEC & Waverley Academy

For over 20 years now Waverley Academy have been delivering ITEC awards. We have become one of the most credible and respected private ITEC colleges in the world. In fact we have advised and helped many others in opening ITEC colleges and assisted them meeting the ITEC quality assurance procedures. Waverley Academy are monitored and audited by ITEC inspectors several times a year and continually meet and surpass the international quality assurance standards required by ITEC. Here are some facts about our ITEC credibility.

• We’ve trained more than 6,000 ITEC students to date (17 different nationalities)

• Conducted more than 16,000 ITEC exams

• Delivered more than 24,000 ITEC class hours

• Delivered the worlds first ITEC teacher training programme

• Trained more than 300 ITEC teachers for the industry

For more information on ITEC visit www.itecworld.co.uk

Entry Requirements

Good understanding of the english language

Course Student Reviews

“ I’ve had an amazing time over the past months I’ve learned so much in knowledge of fitness and myself and now have qualifications 2 of them. Friendly staff since day 1. Great teacher with so much experience to pass on” Derek Moore


Choose from the following location

Waverley Business Park, Old Naas Road, Dublin 12

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1 Day per week TBC

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Facilities for Practical Classes

Practical classes for the programmes will be conducted in the Sheldon Park Leisure Centre, Kylemore Road, Dublin 12 (3 minutes from the college).


We have payment methods to suit every budget (payment plans gladly facilitated via direct debit or card)

NORMALLY €2,699 – SAVE €700 – NOW €1,999. €200 booking deposit to secure your place. €350 due before the first day and the balance paid by instalments (you can also ring us to discuss any other reasonable payment options). Plus €300 exam fees.

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