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Self Care & Wellbeing

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“When you feel-good – all else follows. And the secret is Self Care”

Would you like a wellbeing tool kit that will help boost all areas of your life?  Then this workshop is for you.

The workshop is based on the latest research in self care, which indicates that those who have high levels of wellbeing are more likely to be successful and happy in multiple areas of their lives including, careers, family, education, relationships, work and business

The workshop is also based on the forth coming publication “Minding Me – A Toolkit For Selfcare & Wellbeing” (published by The Waverley Academy and Authored by Derek O Kelly) and will equip you with an array of tips and techniques for coping and succeeding in many areas of your life.

Who Is It For?

For anyone interested in developing a selfcare & wellbeing toolkit that will have a positive impact in multiple areas of their lives

What You Will Learn

You will learn a range of proven techniques for bringing balance and success to your life to include:

  • Mindfulness
  • Stress relief
  • Problem-solving
  • Positive thinking
  • Confidence building
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Positive Mental health
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Practical tips for self care & wellbeing

What to bring: Pen and note paper. Packed lunch (optional).Tea/coffee, microwave & fridge available onsite. Shop, deli, McDonalds & Costa within 200 metres.


What’s Included?

  • Workbook & manual
  • Engaging & practical delivery
  • Expert teaching and learning
  • Learn with like-minded people
  • A friendly and welcoming environment
  • Practical examples for a wellbeing toolkit
  • Guidelines to resources for further learning

A practical and engaging workshop that will provide you with fascinating insights and techniques into personal wellness, self care and success.

Who Is The Trainer?

The workshop will be delivered by Derek O Kelly – Mental Wellbeing Coach – and Education Manager at The Waverley Academy.

Derek O Kelly

“When you have high levels of wellbeing, everything else falls into place. I know this from personal experience. And my belief is that everyone wants the feel good factor associated with wellbeing – but are not sure how to get it.

So I spent the last two years researching self care and wellbeing. My mission was to learn best practice in Ireland and around the globe.  My finding was this: almost anything is possible in this life – but you must care for yourself – because you are your biggest asset. And if you care for yourself; success, wellbeing, and happiness will follow.

The workshop brings together all my research – and turns the academia into evidence-based tips and techniques. It has been the most enjoyable piece of work I’ve done in years, and now I want to share it with others”.


Derek O Kelly is the world’s first Mental Wellbeing Explorer and has been teaching in adult education for over twenty-five years. He has dedicated himself to the research of best practice in mental and holistic wellbeing.

He is an author – speaker – sports psychologist & mental wellbeing coach, and has spent the past twenty years researching the areas of educational psychology, human potential, performance, positive psychology, leadership, and personal growth,

In his role as education manager at The Waverley Academy, he has delivered and managed the education of almost 8,000 adult students – developing teaching methodologies that have transformed their lives and careers through building confidence and self-belief.

More recently, he has introduced self care and wellbeing education for staff, trainers and students at the Waverley Academy – a first for a college in their sectors.

He has delivered talks and workshops to parents, schools, universities, colleges, students, groups, educators and small business on the topics of mindset, wellbeing, wellness and winning.

Derek is also the founder of the Winning Minds Movement – a social initiative that provides mental wellbeing education for young people and adults.

His areas of expertise are personal growth, positivity as a tool, self belief, performance, confidence, wellbeing, wellness, training trainers, learner centred teaching, and simplifying complicated information.

He is also author of “A guide to teaching – 10 key steps” and the soon to be published “Minding Me – A Toolkit for Selfcare & Wellbeing”


Choose from the following locations

Waverley Business Park, Old Naas Road, Dublin 12

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Date: Sunday 27th January 2019

Time: 10am to 4.00pm

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Date: TBC 2019

Time: 10am to 4pm


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