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Sports Massage Level 3 Overview

ITEC SPORTS MASSAGE LEVEL 3 course in our Dublin 12 venue. It is an ITEC diploma in sports massage therapy. The qualification is recognised by employers and insurers in Ireland and around the globe. This sports massage course is Level 3 UK and is equivalent to level 5 QQI which is important if you are looking for funding.

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ITEC – a world class qualification with triple recognition of National, European & International standards.

  • International qualification
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Course Content

This Sports Massage Level 3 is a must for sports and fitness enthusiasts. It will introduce you to the world of sports injuries and the foundations of sports massage techniques. It also offers many employment opportunities and the exciting prospect of working with athletes, teams and clubs, while also providing a pathway and great discounts for level 4 sports massage.

Anatomy & Physiology for Sports Massage:

• The structural organisation of the human body

• The structure and functions of the skin

• The structure and functions of the muscular system, skeletal system and the joints

• The structure and functions of the nervous and endocrine systems

• The structure and functions of the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems

• Understand the structure and functions of the respiratory system

• Know the structure and functions of the digestive and urinary systems

• Understand the effects of sports massage on the body systems

Principles of Health & Fitness:

• Understand the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle

• Understand the effects of exercise on the body

• Know the components of fitness

• Know the principles of training

• Understand the importance of healthy eating

Understand the Principles of Soft Tissue Dysfunction:

• Understand soft tissue dysfunction and the process of repair of soft tissue

• Understand the different types of soft tissues

• Understand the physiological process of healing in soft tissues

Sports Massage Treatments:

• Connective Tissue Massage (CTM)

• Pre-event & Post-event massage

• Between event massage

• Injury Preventative massage

• Muscle conditioning massage

• Corrective massage

• Sports Pathologies to include: degree of swelling; temperature; muscle tone and bulk; adhesions; inflammatory response; effects and benefits of stretching Be able to palpate structures of the musculoskeletal system Be able to analyse posture and range of movement

Introduction to:

• Soft Tissue Release (STR)

• Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

• Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)

• Myofascial Massage

Professional Practice in Sports Massage:

• Understand the legislation required in sports massage

• Understand scope of practice in sports massage and the standards relevant to the sports massage profession

• The principles of professional practice in sports massage and how to produce, maintain and store client records

Progression Route:

Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy.

Sports Massage Level 3 Course Funding

Depending on your personal circumstances you might be entitled to funding. We can supply you with advice and a letter for any funding organisations you might want to approach (if you require advice for funding please call 01- 4089769).

The programme will equip you with a range of techniques and skills and introduce you to sports massage techniques, passive active and resistive exercises, joint mobilisation and exercise physiology, enabling you to assist active persons in maintaining optimal conditioning, and recovery from injury. It will also provide you with a pathway to ITEC level 4 sports massage.

Sports Massage

For anyone thinking of a career in sports massage, its probably more attractive than you think. In fact, the ITEC sports massage, an International qualification, incorporates more than just sports massage techniques. It also includes subjects related to fitness and nutrition, presenting many career opportunities. While the main focus of the course is on sports massage techniques, the programme also equips you with the skills and knowledge to assist those who are physically active or recovering from injury. This can be achieved through basic fitness and nutrition advice you will learn on the course, and will enable you to prescribe programmes that will:

• Contribute to fitness levels

• Increase range of motion and flexibility

• Assist with nutritional advice

• Avoid repetitive injuries

• Enhance muscular endurance

• You will also be trained how to monitor your clients progress and adapt their programmes were needed.

Event massage

There are three stages of events that sports massage can be administered. Event massage can bring many benefits to athletes and sports persons

Pre-event in order to prepare (mental and physically) the athlete for event.

Inter-event to help the athlete recover and prepare in between events.

Post event to help the athlete recover and identify any specific problems that may need attention or referral to other health care practitioners.

This fascinating therapy will also introduce you to the fitness and exercise demands placed upon the body which includes:

• The changes which occur in the muscular system during exercise

• The demands placed upon the musculo-skeletal system during exercise and sport

• The reaction of the body to trauma and injury

• The main components of fitness

• Aiding and assisting the healing process

Understanding the above information is vital for the therapist as it helps them in the assessment and treatment of injuries. Also vital is a thorough knowledge of the ligamentious, muscular and joint structures. You will learn:

• The anatomy of joint structures

• The role of ligaments in joint stabilisation

• The structure of the muscular system

• The role of the sports therapist in prevention and treatment of soft tissue injuries

The hands on techniques you will learn on this programme play a major role in assisting athletes back to their sport, but the other techniques you will learn will also play a role in the sports person making a full recovery.

This programme covers all the main areas needed to launch your career into the world of sports massage from the demands of sport and exercise on the human body, to the hands on treatment and exercises needed.

Entry Requirements

The programme is designed for those with no prior knowledge or experience of massage. It is ideal for those looking to start a career in sports massage, or for those already practicing in Beauty, Complimentary or Fitness therapies.


Choose from the following locations

Waverley Business Park, Old Naas Road, Dublin 12

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1 Thursday per week

Date: TBC

Time: 10am to 4.30pm

Finishes: TBC 2019 (approx)


We have payment methods to suit every budget (payment plans gladly facilitated via direct debit or card)

€1,450 pay in full and receive a €100 discount – €200 deposit to secure your place plus €350 before the course start date plus remainder paid in instalments (you can also ring us to discuss any other reasonable payment options) Plus €160 Exam (optional). Additional costs materials and text book.

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