• Developing confidence for teaching in the hair & beauty sectors

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It’s amazing the amount of times the topic of confidence for teaching in the hair and beauty sectors crops up during our teaching courses. So I dedicated almost a whole chapter to it in the teaching book I wrote. We also spend a lot of time during the teaching courses mastering confidence. And it’s incredible to see how quickly students soar once they start to develop it.

The following information should help you on the road to developing confidence for your teaching journey.

What Is Confidence

There are many definitions of confidence in various texts. But the one I found easiest to understand was presented to me early on in my teaching career and career and helped me get to grips with its concept. It went like this:-

“Confidence is the thoughts and actions that helps us move towards a goal or cope with setbacks”

Some Facts About Confidence

Everyone has Confidence

Everyone has confidence, otherwise they would not have progressed through life. Almost every day we are faced with new challenges or things to do, and in many situations, they require an element of confidence to move forward.

Confidence can be Acquired and Learned

There is no such thing as a confidence gene. Confidence is not the preserve of the lucky or gifted. It can be learned and acquired. Whatever our predisposition or personality type, everyone has the ability to develop confidence. For teaching this can be done by reading up on the subject, by practicing, or by enrolling on a teacher training programme.

Confidence Is More About Actions Than Feelings

Confidence is more about actions than feelings. Many people think that they have to “feel” confident before they can attempt something, but building your confidence is more about taking the physical actions that are needed to move towards your goal or outcome.

Mindset Builds Confidence

Your mindset, or as some may describe it as your attitude, can also play a vital role in developing your confidence. It’s important that your mindset and attitude is positive and you believe in your ability to move towards your goal. If your mindset is negative it can distract you from the task at hand and effect your resulting actions.

Knowledge Builds Confidence

Knowledge can play a big role in building ones confidence. If we don’t have knowledge about the situation we are moving towards, e.g. teaching, then it’s only fair to say we are not going to feel confident. Building your knowledge about what lays ahead will help conquer the fear of the unknown and automatically builds your confidence.

Confidence Will Grow As You Go

Confidence is not instant; it requires time, knowledge, skills and practice. It’s not possible to feel confident about something that you have no knowledge of. So don’t be hard on yourself. Be patient and apply yourself, and confidence will grow as you go.

In Summary

If teaching is your dream and confidence is your barrier, I advise this: Believe in your ability – move forward – gain the knowledge – acquire the skills; and confidence will grow as you go.

Derek O Kelly

Education Manager & Author

The Waverley Academy

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