• Don’t Let Yourself Be The Barrier To Progression – Roslyn Park College-April/2018

Yesterday was our second class in our ‘Mindset For Success’ series at Roslyn Park College for the winning minds movement sponsored by the Waverley Academy, and the numbers have grown from day 1.

Don’t Let Yourself Be The Barrier To Progression – Roslyn Park College-April/2018 image

We started by talking about strengths, abilities, passions and things to be thankful for. (its called ‘strengths based learning’ and is a great way to lift the moods of learners)

The discussion moved to the ‘stadium of thought’ and which was the best stadium to be in: the stadium of worry and despair, or the stadium of hope and belief. A thought provoking discussion, with the latter stadium drawing the most fans.

“Beyond Roslyn” was another discussion, with students coming up with an action or mindset they would adapt on leaving the college. Some already had concrete plans, with further education and physical health goals mentioned.

Spirits were lifted when one of the students suggested, “Don’t be afraid to dream big – but make sure the dream is realistic and supported by a plan with actions and goals”. This was followed by discussion around goal setting and focusing on the process and not the outcome.

We finished on a great note (pardon the pun) with ‘Music For Mindset’ and the potential of music to enhance confidence and instill calm. This was one of the highlights of the day with all students expressing their passion for music. We played some songs, and I’ve no doubt had there been more time, there would have been singing as well.

music for mindset image

However, the most inspiring part of the day came when a student shared an emotional story about been made redundant.

It was a massive blow to her confidence. But she dusted herself down, pondered her next move, and came back to Roslyn to develop more skills.

She finished by telling the rest of the group “I regret not believing in myself more. Don’t let yourself be the barrier to progression, we all have talents and abilities, we just need to believe in ourselves more”.

The room applauded

A truly inspiring day

Derek O Kelly

Founder – Winning Minds Movement