• Meet Holly Finnerty, the first young ambassador at The Waverley Academy

Meet Holly, who is a sixth year student from Colaiste Bride Clondalkin.

Holly will be helping with our schools programmes by developing workshops and establishing links with schools.

We see Holly as a role model for young people, who displays many of the values that The Waverley Academy stands for.

She is creative, talented, determined and competent. But most of all – Holly cares about others – and has a passion for making them feel good and look good.

holly image

She will also be helping with creative input to our courses and assisting with the setting up of our Winning Minds Academy which will focus on interpersonal skills, leadership and essential career skills for young people.

In addition, Holly will assist with our social initiative at the Winning Minds Movement, in particular the research for our 2019 initiative to ‘help reduce exam stress for leaving cert students’.

We believe Holly is a rising star in the beauty industry and typical of the entrepreneurial mindset that our young people are displaying.

Holly has already completed one course at The Waverley Academy and is tipping away at her beauty career as an eyelash extension technician.

We look forward to helping Holly develop her career in beauty & retail, through mentoring, coaching and skills development, but her focus at the moment is on her leaving cert, something which we encourage all young people to complete.

You can follow Holly on Instagram @lashesbyhmf where you can also book her to have your lashes done

Colaiste Bride Clondalkin you can follow them on instagram @colaistebride.

Welcome on board Holly, and we hope to be seeing more of you in the near future