• Ordinary people doing extraordinary things Meet Jennifer

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things
I’ve spent five years putting every effort into being there for my kids. Now I want to do something for me”
Meet Jennifer Deegan – a Mum of 3 – whose confidence and ambition has soared since she started her beauty training.

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“At 17 I started an apprenticeship in floristry. I loved how no two days in this job were ever the same. After 5 years in this role, I moved to an office and admin jobs eventually working my way up to an executive assistant position.
Fast forward a few years and I’m now a mother to 3 beautiful children. I’ve spent nearly 5 years putting myself last and put every effort into being there for my kids 24/7. So since turning 40, I decided it was time to try something for me and when I saw the gel nail technician course with The Waverly Academy I thought this could be exactly what I need.
I guess I lost my ambition after having kids but since I started my gel nail course in at The Waverley I felt like my drive and ambition has finally surfaced. I feel determined to do something with the skills I have learned. Whether I work for myself or eventually get a job in a nail bar. My future is looking a little bit brighter.

My confidence has grown so much in a short space of time. All the girls on the course are so lovely. We’re all different ages (from 16 years plus) with different reasons for doing this course.
I don’t think I have ever pushed myself as much as I have since I started with Waverly Academy. The fire in my belly and my enthusiasm to want to be doing nails and want to be doing them well is what I needed.

This new chapter in my life is only starting and I 100% have Waverly Academy to thank for this.

Gel Nails courses start on 11th & 12th March. Phone 01 4089769 email info@academy.ie or book online

Beauty Express courses start on 12th & 13th of March. Phone 01 4089769 email info@academy.ie or book online