• Our students are amazing!!

Thank you all for doing yourself and the college very proud yesterday at The Waverley Academy ITEC practical exams. From 16 to 60 our students are just amazing.

waverley academy staff tank you image  samantha and mary catherine image

Never before have we seen students so united on the day of exams, helping each other achieve their goals. It’s incredible to see how their confidence and competence has grown.

It was also very inspiring to see such a diverse range of ages from 16 to 60 completing exams.

And the support from familyfriendspartners, and husbands was incredible – all turning up as models for their loved ones. In fact, it’s the first time we have ever had 5 sets of mothers and daughters partnering up for exams.

A very positive and inspiring day – and it just goes to show:

Age is just a number
Family & friends are gold dust
And anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

Thank you all again for a brilliant day 🤗

From Joanne, Nicola, Ann, Derek, Veronica, Theresa, Joan & Ray

PS Thanks also to a brilliant performance from ITEC examiner Audrey Manning who helped to calm the students giving them the confidence to perform.