• Waverley Academy 4 Teaching Skills that Beauty Therapists & Hairdressers Already Possess

Many Beauty Therapists and Hairdressers already possess 4 of the key skills required to become a great teacher.

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Here’s what we’ve discovered at The Waverley Academy Teacher Training Courses over the past our 20 years.
All our research and experience would show that Hairdressers, Beauticians and Makeup artists are already demonstrating some of the key skills needed to become a great teacher. The problem is, they don’t give themselves enough credit for the key teaching skills that they’ve developed during their careers. Here are four of the key skills that great teachers demonstrate and which many hairdressers, beauticians, Makeup artists and fitness instructors possess in abundance.

Communication skills, a vital part of teaching. You’re doing it every day with clients, staff and others around you. Your career wouldn’t survive without them. You are constantly talking, listening, using body language and portraying a positive image to all around you.

Planning, again it’s something you do on a daily basis, planning your work schedule, your family life, your tasks for the day, the services you deliver. All need planning skills. It’s a skill that is easily transferable to the class room with a little guidance and information

Presentation Skills, You’re presenting every day in your career without even realising it. You will present to your clients a service, product or technique, and you will probably be multitasking while doing this. It’s similar to how teachers present except they probably use different visual aids which can be learned quiet easily.

Building Rapport, Building rapport is probably one of the most important skills required for teaching in further education, and again it’s something that you do every day. Talking with clients, making them feel relaxed, building relationships, providing them with information. In fact rapport is referred to by many educational experts as the new motivation. And motivation is crucial in a teaching and training environment.

So give yourself some credit and don’t underestimate your ability to become a great teacher, you’re probably half way there already.

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