• Waverley Academy Awards 2017 – The Awards

Part 3 – The Awards

Here’s The Pictures – Lets Start Changing Perceptions. A massive congratulations to everyone who received awards.

And to those who were finalists, hold your head high and use your finalist badge to move onwards and upwards.

We are so proud of you all, and you are living proof that the hair, beauty and fitness industries have incredible people at its forefront.

But here’s something that could make you even better…start using the word professional in your title (if your not doing it already).

Print it on your business cards, shout it on your social media, but most importantly… embed it in your mindset.

And the next time someone asks what you do, start your sentence with “Professional”.

Tell them you are a professional… (hairdresser, beautician, nail technician, fitness instructor etc.).

Because when you start using the word professional.. it changes perceptions….yours as well.

I’ve listened for long enough to  ‘experts’ referring to certain careers as professional – but what gives anyone the right to call a particular career professional and to not call others.

So lets start changing perceptions, after all, our industries have some of the most professional people around…and its time we started telling everyone.

And if they don’t believe you…show them the photos.

A massive congratulations to everyone who received awards, including;

Industry Awards

Irish Blogger Agency (Sinead Carroll), Beautiful Jobs (Maria Morgan ), Miss Emily Rochford, The Manicure company (David & Lorraine Dodds).

Graduate Awards

Ciara Sattell, Debbie Morone, Arlene Devine, Pamela Murphy, Glynnis Reidy, Stuart Jackson, Noel O Brien, Ross Lynch, Adriana Onofrei, Anita Rawat, Emma Graham, Emma Sheehan, Grace Mongey, Irish Altitude Chambers & Noel O Brien

Tomorrow – Princess Emily Fund and more photos – guests, friends, family