• Waverley Academy Awards 2017 – The Emotions

The Waverley Academy Awards 2017 was a night of pure joy and excitement. But when the dust settled, and reality sank in, there were 37 people in the room who were either award winners or finalists. An incredible feat by any standards. People who at some stage thought “I can do better for myself” “I can do something that will make others proud of me” “I believe I can”.

And the theme for the night was believe, and we had a room full of believers. So yes there were emotions.

In fact I got emotional myself, when I stepped on stage to start the proceedings. I looked into the audience and it hit me… WOW  what an incredible turnout. 135 people Hollywood style. And all because we asked them.

And the thoughts ran through my head as I stood there, about the efforts made by all: Males stressing about dressing, ladies scouring the high street stores…child minders drafted in from everywhere…children sent to god knows where… and guests travelling from Cork, Kerry, Waterford, Belfast, Galway & Wexford. And then I thought – we better put on a show for these people.

But here’s the thing…we believed we would. We believed we could do something special if we got the response…and boy did we get a response.

So what followed was an awards celebration that went beyond our wildest expectations.

And when the presentations were finished there were more emotions. Many new friendships were formed and there was also some tears shed, as awards were hugged, and the enormity of what had been achieved dawned.

It was also an emotional night for myself and Veronica. We where overwhelmed by the kind comments from graduates, husbands, partners, mothers and guests. It seems that what we started 26 years ago, has had a bigger impact on lives and careers than we could ever have imagined.

And we’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who shared their success stories with us in particular: Grace Mongey, Noel O Brien, Glynnis Reidy, Pamela Murphy, Shane Chubbs Mum Breda, Emma Sheehan, Stuart Jackson, Arlene Devine & Karen Bowers (more about stories coming soon )

It also made us very proud to see 3 of Irelands fitness greats standing together.

Noel O Brien, CEO of Irish Altitude Chambers has went on to start a global fitness business since training with us. Stuart Jackson ( physical therapist) and buddy Simon McEvoy (strength & conditioning specialist) are also involved in the global success story that is Conor McGregor and SBG Naas road. All three have been through our college as students and teachers.

But I couldn’t finish this piece without saying a huge thank you to the incredible team around me who make everything happen.

To Veronica, Ray, Teresa and Joan….SIMPLY THE BEST.

Our vision is to keep changing lives and providing others with the training and education to peruse their dreams.

But dreams are what we live for, and we intend doing it for many years to come.

What more can I say… except a massive thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who attended. You have made another dream come true.

Please spread the word about us …and start getting ready for WAA18  

(Hot off the press – date for your diary – WAA18 – Saturday 7th of April 2018 – Louise Fitzgerald Hotel Dublin)


Please spare a thought for our most senior trainer Louise Mc Elroy who has been hugely instrumental in the success of our college. Louise has been with us for many years now and was struck down with a bad chest infection and couldn’t attend the evening.

Also Miss Emily Rochford who won the best social media newcomer award but was also sick on the evening. We hope to get Emily to Dublin soon.

Spare a thought also for Pamela Murphy, winner of the massage category, who went home to her children Sunday morning to show off her award only for one them to let it fall while embracing it. Yes; smashed to bits. But not to worry – husband Fergus was on to us first thing Monday morning and a replacement is on its way.