• Waverley Academy Launch New Health & Wellbeing Department

It’s been another fantastic year with lots of NEW initiatives as the year-end approaches. Probably the most exciting has been the launch of our new Health & Wellbeing department and a forthcoming wellbeing publication. In addition, we will have a new academy, a new vision, new workshops and a new shop.

wellbeing workshop image

Here’s a quick overview of all that’s new

Health & Wellbeing Department

The launching of a new Health & Wellbeing department has been on our agenda for almost two years, and now its finally happened. It follows 18 months of wellbeing research, and investment and development in conjunction with our social initiative the Winning Minds Movement. This process has enabled us to identify best practice in wellbeing in Ireland and around the globe, and will enable us to provide cutting edge education in the areas of self-care and wellbeing which are evidence based. Yes. It’s been a fascinating journey, and now we want to share the results with others.

As award winning educators of almost 8,000 students, and established over 25 years, we want to share our learnings and combine them with evidence-based techniques to help you cope and achieve in many areas of your life.

We have also dedicated significant resources to researching best practice in the areas of wellbeing, wellness and mental strength over the years, so we can provide practical education that can be integrated seamlessly into your lifestyle.


We have 3 new workshops at our new Health & Wellbeing department which are available to book now. The workshops are perfectly timed to set you up for a fantastic new year. We want 2019 to be the year of you… and help you make self-care and wellbeing central to your daily activities.  You will find our workshops friendly, welcoming and engaging with a practical approach to learning. You will also be provided with notes and the opportunity to learn with like minded people.

The workshops are designed to boost your energy levels and provide you with tips & techniques for coping and succeeding. They include Stress ManagementMindfulness and Self-care & Wellbeing.


We have a new vision for our Health & Wellbeing department. Our vision is:

 “To improve the wellbeing of people in Ireland… by helping them make selfcare and wellbeing central to their daily activities”

We aim to do this, in partnership with our social initiative the Winning Minds Movement, through education, publications, gifts, products workshops and meet-ups,


We will soon be publishing a Selfcare & Wellbeing guide to assist with our vision. The publication is the culmination of our eighteen months research. The book is written in bite sized fashion and jargon free language. And heres the great news: it will be free. Yes, we aim to stay through to our ethos of giving back.


A new Academy will be provided at our social initiative the Winning Minds Movement. This will assist us with the social aspect of our ethos and will provide subsidised (and free) education for relevant groups organisations and schools. This will provide an outreach service as well as onsite education (at TWA) around the topics of self-care, wellbeing, stress management, mindset, positivity, success and mental strength. Talks and workshops can be tailored to suit parents, schools, 3rd level education, careers, business, and personal growth & development.


This initiative is really exciting. A new shop will provide a range of wellbeing gifts and products. The products will be available at the Waverley Academy offices or available to purchase online. The shop will facilitate a practical element to wellbeing, and help you make self-care & wellbeing a central part of your daily activities